Silvia Mantellini Faieta is an italian artist born in 1992 in Pescara (IT), living in Amsterdam (NL).

Her artistic research is based on the analysis of the relations between individual and collective memory, going through the structures that create interpersonal relations and remarking the difference between ephemeral and everlasting. The writing is used as a message to combine with different media related to the ritual and the repetition as tattooing or sewing.

This idea formalizes via actions, temporal performances and by getting them documented in hand bound books, photographs, objects, xylography, embroidery and street art.




Tabula Rasa, between Italy and Albania, collective project

(Tabula RasaExibart, Gazeta Shqiptare, Askanews, Koha)


Silvia Mantellini Faieta, Galleria Samma, online solo-show



Conversas #151, Saratimtrust, Rotterdam, Netherlands, artists talk

Straperetana, Pereto, Italy, collective show organized by Monitor Gallery (Rome)

(Straperetana 2019, Artribune, Artribune, ATPDiary, Art a Part of Culture, Exibart)


HomeSequence, Amsterdam, Netherlands, collective show 

(Amsterdam Alternative, Home Sequence)

Conversas #143, Studio Niffo, Rotterdam, Netherlands, artists talk


OpenStudio Borgerstraat, Rotterdam, Netherlands, artist talk (parallel event to Art Rotterdam)




seminare, disseminare, Rocca di Mezzo, Italy, collective show


Flora Mundi, Bottega Bernardi, Urbino, Italy, curator




Out of Range, Castello di Frontone, Frontone, Italy, collective show



Death and Romance, workshop directed by Franko B, Palazzo Lucarini,  Trevi, Italy


MA Degree, Academy of Fine Arts, Urbino, Italy (2018)

BA Degree,  Academy of Fine Arts, Urbino, Italy (2016)


© 2020 By Silvia Mantellini Faieta.